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Using the proper equipment on each property is crucial to job quality and customer satisfaction. We use larger riding mowers for most commercial properties and larger residential lawns. We use smaller (walk-behind) mowers on smaller residential lawns to reduce potential damage that may occur.


 MLS Stripes

Marion Landscape Service Mow Lines


  • A well groomed, finished look

  • Straight mow lines
  • Designed cut
  • Extra attention to string trimming and detail
  • Special care in blowing and clean up
  • Weekly visual inspection for pests and diseases


We specialize in lawn mowing, both commercial and residential, for properties of any size and shape.
We will use the appropriate equipment to provide the well groomed, finished, look you deserve. Our skilled, professional mowing crews take pride in giving you straight mowing lines, with a custom cross design. We are always sure to string trim around all trees, flower beds, fences etc. We finish up our visit by blowing grass clippings out of all your plant beds, tree rings and off all your paved surfaces. While visiting your property, our technicians are always on the lookout for Japanese beetles, bag worms or any other pests or diseases which may be present. 

 Our experienced and professional staff is committed to making sure your lawn gets the attention it deserves!     
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