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Did you know? that due to modern technology and the mobility of today's society, Ohio is facing new threats from exotic mosquito species? Most of them are imported when they lay their eggs in containers such as tires and are subsequently transported into Ohio. The Asian Tiger Mosquito, for example, is an aggressive biter and has the potential to transmit numerous diseases. These include  West Nile virus, dengue, yellow fever, LaCrosse encephalitis, and dog heartworm.
LaCrosse encephalitis is of particular concern to Ohioans since Ohio has more recorded cases of this disease than any other state.

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Worldwide, mosquito-borne diseases kill more people than any other factor.

When mosquito season starts, call Marion Landscape Service. We will send a trained and certified technician to inspect your property for active larvae populations as well as adult mosquitoes. We will treat your property with an effective barrier spray that eliminates biting mosquitoes for 21 days.

We will target your plants, shrubs and small trees with a barrier spray which kills mosquitoes immediately and also bonds to foliage and repels mosquitoes for about 21 days.

As a bonus, your mosquito treatment is also effective against other pests such as fleas, ticks and some types of flies.

Contact Marion Landscape Service to speak with a trained and certified tech about your mosquito problem today! We deliver excellent results.
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