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Are you tired of cutting your
 own grass, or just not happy with your current lawn-care service?  Allow our highly trained and experienced maintenance crew to care for your investment.   We can assure you that when we cut your grass and prune your plants, we are doing it by the book.  Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your landscape will continue to thrive.  Regular pruning, proper fertilization, and maintaining the turf at the proper height are key ingredients for a lush lawn and healthy plants. 


Marion Landscape Service, LLC offers annual contracts to our customers because we are an established company and we want to continue providing high quality maintenance.  With this contract in place, the customer knows exactly what is being paid for and in most instances, what day we will be performing the services promised.  Everything that Marion Landscape Service is contracted to do is clearly written into the contract, so there is never any confusion about what is to be completed on the contracted property.

  Property maintenance services range from basic mowing and edging to complete, full-service maintenance including pruning, mulching, flower installation, fertilization, aeration & seeding, gutter cleaning, and more.  Estimates are always free, so please call our office at 740 382-2941 or fill out our  online request form so that we may begin work on your customized maintenance contract.




Maintenance Services:


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