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  Serving Our Troops While They Serve Us.

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Winter 2010-2011 Marion Landscape Service continued its ongoing public service program by enlisting in the Project Green Program, Snow Care For Our Troops which is underwritten by BOSS SNOW PLOWS.

Project Evergreen has partnered with BOSS SNOW PLOWS to connect military families with snow and ice management professionals and volunteers to provide free snow and ice removal services.

While Project Evergreen's SNOWCARE FOR TROOPS program continues its mission to help our military families, we hope that the future will bring peace to everyone.

The Marion Landscape Service/SnowCare For Troops program proved to be very successful.

SnowCare For Troops, Marion Ohio.
Project Green

 The Marion WeatherFone

Fornerly known as the "time and temperature,
The Marion WeatherFone is a tradition in Marion Ohio.
Since the 1960s citizens of Marion and surrounding areas have been using this FREE SERVICE to hear the TIME, CURRENT TEMPERATURE, and the latest WEATHER FORECAST. Keeping the tradition alive is just another public service of Marion Landscape Service.



 Marion WeatherFone

Marion WeatherFone Ribbon Cutting

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